Our wide range of Communion dresses and accessories are now in stock at MK Kids in Milton Keynes

An MK Kids Holy Communion dress is woven with the purity and joy of the occasion, each stitch a promise of lasting memories!

When paired with the perfect accessories—delicate jackets, angelic hairpieces, and gleaming shoes—it creates an ensemble that touches the heart, symbolizing the sacredness of the day in every detail.

MK Kids is dedicated to providing quality fashion formal and semi-formal clothing to kids of all ages!

Unlike the big chain stores, we have on-site tailoring and full clothing care specialists to ensure your young ones are looking their best!

We source the latest styles and are able to coordinate colours and styles for group events as well, from weddings to proms and other formal events.

At MK Kids, we understand that every special occasion is an opportunity for your little ones to shine!

Our exquisite collection of children’s formalwear is tailored to suit a medley of significant events. Whether they are stepping out as the dapper ringbearer, the enchanting flower girl, or the poised junior bridesmaid at a wedding, our range guarantees they will look their charming best. 

We haven’t forgotten about the significance of bat and bar mitzvahs, or the excitement of a junior prom; our shelves are brimming with styles that blend tradition with trend, ensuring that your child feels confident and special on their memorable day.



Quality is the cornerstone of MK Kids. 

Each piece in our collection is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest fabrics that offer both comfort and elegance. We believe that formalwear should not only look magnificent but also stand the test of time and the rigors of children at play. 

From the silken touch of a flower girl’s dress to the crisp lines of a ringbearer’s suit, we provide attire that is both durable and divine. Our commitment to quality ensures that every garment is a keepsake, worthy of being cherished long after the celebration ends.

We understanding that every child is unique!

MK Kids prides itself on our bespoke tailoring services right here in Bletchley. 

Our expert tailors are at hand to ensure a perfect fit for your child, making adjustments and embellishments to suit individual preferences. This personalized touch sets MK Kids apart, as we believe that the perfect fit is essential to making your child feel comfortable and confident. 

In a world where appearances are cherished, our tailored services ensure your child stands out in the crowd, looking impeccably polished and poised for any high-class event.